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Zeno Platform

A powerful next generation tools and libraries for open-standards based multi-channel app development. Zeno Platform enables enterprises to optimize their development effort by using Zeno Studio and addressing the ever changing business needs. The Zeno Business Store helps organizations rapidly adopt to component based development philosophy and promotes re-use across the enterprise. The Zeno Store also enables business to build specialized business assets for their current and future consumptions. Zeno Mobile enables enterprise mobility and rapid mobile app development. Zeno Foundation helps the complete stack adhere to industry standards and help harness the latest technology advancement.

A simple and yet a powerful studio that automates all your development needs. The Zeno Studio is an easy to use plug-in for popular Eclipse editor. The studio comes with powerful features such as

  • New project creation wizard with dynamic code generation
  • Project structure and packages
  • Continuous build, release & integration
  • Easy deploy to multiple environments including public and private cloud
  • Easy access to Zeno Business Store

A standard based marketplace for management of reusable component store and management. The Zeno Business Store is secure, reliable and accessible through Eclipse plug-in

  • A centralized repository for management of all business components
  • Integrated with Zeno studio and enables drag and drop
  • Auto code generation
  • Self descriptive business components and runtime deployable
  • Open up component specification for crowd sourced development

A server runtime for management of all backend transactions. Enables enterprise grade integrations between mobile apps & backend systems. The server comes with a mobile bus that enables communication across all the devices as well and provides ability to switch between different communication protocols.

  • Unified notification & integrations to backend systems
  • Security management
  • Easy enablement of mobile transactions

The foundation libraries that powers the Zeno Platform. Zeno Foundation is SOA based platform for rapid application development. Zeno Foundations:

  • Ready libraries for rapid component development constitutes mobility base, cloud base, analytics base & integration base
  • Auto code generation and compliance to standards
  • Can be leveraged for component development

Benefits of Zeno Platform

Enables organizations jump start their multi-channel journey while bringing in the benefits for component based development & reuse, rapid app deployments and crowd souring.

  • Efficiency - Rapid application development Reduction in 25% effort
  • Speed to Business - Jump start multi-channel app development and use ready business components for reduced development time
  • Easy Skill Ramp-up - Ramp up engineers to enterprise grade app developers within 2-3 weeks and limit the need for specialized skills
  • Crowd Source - Crowd source business component development within/outside enterprise and establish a rich set of component pool within the enterprise