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ttatva Solutions

We continuously convert business ideas into powerful solutions using the combination of our technical expertise and business domain knowledge. The Zeno Platform is leveraged for building applications rapidly and helping customers go to market in a shorter time.


Check Car provides the buyers with a complete vehicle history check and vehicle information report. The solution validates the vehicle with RTO, Police, Insurance, Services records to build and empower the buyer with information enabling in the decision making. The solution also provides vehicle worthiness score (VWS) leveraging a patented 360 degree algorithm that builds the scores based on multiple driving, behavioral and history.

This solution validates and verifies automobiles and provides a score that qualifies the vehicle on the Vehicle Worthiness Score (VWS).

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A powerful next generation tools and libraries for open-standards based multi-channel app development. Zeno Platform enables enterprises to optimize their development effort by using Zeno Studio and addressing the ever changing business needs. The Zeno Business Store helps organizations rapidly adopt to component based development philosophy and promotes re-use across the enterprise.

The Zeno Store also enables business to build specialized business assets for their current and future consumptions. Zeno Mobile enables enterprise mobility and rapid mobile app development. Zeno Foundation helps the complete stack adhere to industry standards and help harness the latest technology advancement. This solution applicable for

  • Application for security
  • Customer relationship building
  • Productivity improvement