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ttatva a Sanskrit word. A ttatva is an element or aspect of reality. A combination of many ttatvas (number of elements) come together to form the basis of all our experience. The five basic ttatvas (elements) recognized by all philosophies are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky (Space) and these ttatvas form the basis for our organizational principles. At ttatva Innovation Labs we are working towards creating solutions that bring value to our customers, society and organization with the help of a team of professionals that work together to achieve this goal. Our solutions are build on sound technology platform Zeno Platform that enables us to deliver most innovative experience to end consumers.

Our Company

ttatva was founded by 4 industry experts having a combined IT experience of over 100 years with diverse skills from Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Content, Commerce and Customer Experience. ttatva is incubated by NSR Cell and located within 100 acres of IIM-B Campus.

ttatva is dedicated to grow leveraging the fundamentals of the company and build on the extensive knowledge of our team and their continuing dedication to deliver the best performance available on the market. We believe when we focus on the user, everything else follows. We are passionately interested in technologies that touch users in everyday of their life. With our combined passion and technical expertise, we continuously roll out applications that are meaningful to our customers.

Our Beliefs

We believe when we focus on the Information needs of Business user, everything else follows. Most of the research shows that Business information in any Sector revolves at best around 30-40 data elements at source. If they are captured authentically & processed, Value to Business will enhance significantly.

We have readily deployable solutions around Business Information needs in automotive sector, Enterprise Performance dashboards in IT sector & Customer experience enhancement solutions in Retail.

We have developed these solutions around Patented Technologies which can address the Multi channel delivery in a secure manner. The underlying platform is built on plug & play model thereby enhancing the cost effectiveness of deployment.

With our combined Business focus and technical expertise, we aim to continuously roll out applications that are meaningful to our customers.

Our Associations